SLAVA IV – digital version


Voted the best folk album of 2023
in “Wirtualne Gęśle” plebiscite.

Album is in digital form (mp3 and FLAC) to download.
Contain PDF file with songs lyrics.
Album “Slava IV – Songs of the Future Slavs
Listen to the album excerpts:

SLAVA 4 – Tracklist:
1. A byla ta
2. A tam na hore
3. Ne chody milaja
4. Byl ja slabyj
5. Matino ma
6. Zasypaty detyno
7. Moje druże
8. O już vesna
9. Priljecjel ptak
10. V miste
11. Uo-ho-ho
12. Ubili mi
13. Czrvene oczi
14. Kracze voron
15. Smirti smirt
16. Morowa


SLAVA 4 – this album contains songs that were strongly inspired
by Slavic traditional music we’ve been playing for years,
but the lyrics takes us into the future, imagined world – not quite friendly,
where technology controls almost every aspect of life, bringing as many possibilities as threats.
What will people sing about in the future? – one day we asked ourselves this question
and we’ve tried to answer it by creating these songs.
Songs of Slava 4 are not in any particular existing language –
it’s a language, or rather a set of languages and dialects –
which were created epecially for the purpose of this album.
Just like cities of the future are the mixture of people from all around the globe,
the language we use here is the mixture of all Slavic languages.
This is the result of our long-term contact with them
through songs of various Slavic regions.


Mikołaj Rybacki – saz, bouzouki, mandoline, baritone guitar,
bass guitar, electric guitar, voice, jaw harp;
Katarzyna Bromirska – rebec, flutes, voice, acoustic and electric cello, piano;
Ewa Pitura – voice;
Michał Lange – drums;
Adam Kłosek – bass guitar (song “Morowa”);
Marek Dziedzic – accordion (song “Morowa”);

Music: Mikołaj Rybacki, Katarzyna Bromirska,
apart from “Ubili Mi” – Mikołaj Rybacki, Katarzyna Bromirska and Ewa Pitura;
Lyrics: Katarzyna Bromirska,
apart from “Morowa” – Katarzyna Bromirska, Mikołaj Rybacki;
Graphic design – Marcin Somerlik




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