Percival Schuttenbach is not only a band with a several musical projects, but most of all – a company that deals with broadly understood musical activity – concerts and musical workshops organization and realization, albums releasing, online sale.
Two people – Mikołaj Rybacki and Katarzyna Bromirska – are heads and founders of the company – when it comes to both musical and beyond-musical work. This composition – production duo for over 20 years has been implementing the vision of Percival Schuttenbach group as a constantly growing brand.
They have gathered a group of co-workers, who help to realize the vision – first of all professional session musicians, but also those who deal with legal, visual, marketing and other matters that are essential for the functioning of the company.
At the moment Percival Schuttenbach includes a few main musical projects, such as: Wild Hunt Live Show – a musical spectacle with music that were used in a “Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt” game soundtrack; Percival – a folk-historical music of Slavs; Percival Schuttenbach – rock-metal music inspired by Slavic folk and culture.



It’s a wonderful show presenting songs used in the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game soundtrack – using original instruments and voices, with amazing lights, video projections of game fragments and stunning dances and acrobatics of Avatar Theatre.
A must see for all Witcher, fantasy and folk fans.


This project was founded in 2005 and it refers to historical reenactment – live, music and culture of ancient, pre-Christian Slavs.
In the project’s repertoire you can find songs from various Slavic regions, as well as band’s own compositions inspired by history, Early Medieval period and folk culture.
Percival project has a series of “Slava” albums to its credit – songs of South, East and West Slavs as well as – the newest – “Slava IV – Songs of Slavs of the Future”.


It’s the heaviest musical project of all Percival ones and it mixes metal and rock music with folk, classical and other genres elements.
Its most characteristic sounds are strong, distorted cello sound, as well as voices – powerful, archaic singing alternately with wild growls and screams.


PERCIVAL SCHUTTENBACH band – all its projects – has more than 15 albums to its credit, including three vinyl albums – most released by Percival own RedBaaron label, but not only – one of the album (“Strzyga”) was released by Sony Music Polska.

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