Wild Hunt Live | WILD HUNT LIVE


The band released and was released on various compilations and other publications, including books. We list it here briefly:

  • we’re currently working on live album from WHL shows – Wild Hunt Live;
  • a compilation album Wild Hunt Live – RedBaaron Studio;
  • the “Witcher III: Wild Hunt” soundtrack released by CD Projekt, also as a vinyl record;
  • Perunvit – “1994 – XX Years of Pagan Crusade – 2014”;
  • “Slavonic Myth of Creation” – RedBaaron Studio;
  • “Jomsvikinga saga” – Walhalla;
  • “Moribuka” was released on one of the albums of “Estrada i studio” magazine
  • “Słowiańskie koszmary” – a novel based on “Svantevit” album story, written by us, was publish in the anthology of novels related to Slavic culture and mythology;