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CD 2012
Second official cd from Percival Schuttenbach.

Okrutna pomsta


It’s a concept album that tells a story which takes place long, long time ago,
when Slavs on the West still worshiped Svantevit god and had to confront
the ruthless force of invaders from the West.

In 1168, Danish king Valdemar I burnt down the last temple of Slavic faith.
With the fall of Arkona – the centre of Svantevit cult – existence of Slavic Polabian tribes
came to an end and they story had been forgotten for many centuries. Percival Schuttenbach would like
to recall this brave, bold Slavic tribe,
whose lands – due to their most-Western location – were first to experience
bestial Christianization practices from the Western world.

“Svantevit” song is the first single from the album of the same title,
which is entirely dedicated to Polabian Slavs. Its story tells about war, fight, envy, traditions.
You’ll meet forest demons, dangerous vikings, Slavic gods
and you will experience dark ritauls.


“Svantevit” was created and recorded between August, 2012 and August, 2013 in:
Helena Modrzejewska Theatre in Legnica (Ludwik Gadzicki main stage),
(Ludwik Gadzicki main stage), RedBaaron Studio,
Studio Analiz in Szczecin
Recording and editing – Bartek Góra, Studio Analiz in Szczecin
Miks & mastering – Bartosz Miszczyk
Cover and graphic design – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos – Krystian Lewicki
Cover photo – Kornelia Rybacka

Katarzyna Bromirska – cello, voice, bass guitar, sopilka;
Mikołaj Rybacki – guitar, bass guitar, voice, drum;
Kristina Bogdanova – voice;
Joanna Lacher – voice;
Andrzej Mikityn – drums;
+ guests.