SLAVA II – Songs of East Slavs


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CD 2014
The “Slava II – Songs of East Slavs” is the part of the triptych dedicated to Slavic music.

The album presents tiny part of the huge collection of East Slavic – Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Lemko – songs. They are very often ritual songs, old songs which roots can be traced back in pre-Christian times, but often performed in quite unique, nontraditional way. The lyrics have usually symbolic meaning, which can be deciphered through delving into Slavic mythology and traditions. Lada Cherkasova – a Russian expert on old Slavic rituals and songs – was helping Percival during their work on the album.


Recorded at unIQ Sound Studio in Wrocław, in December 2013r.
Recording, mixin and mastering – Marek Dziedzic
Production – Percival & Keyff.MS
Cover project – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos – Katarzyna Kaczmarek, Marcin Somerlik

Mikołaj Rybacki – voice, saz, mandoline, bouzouki, percussion instruments;
Katarzyna Bromirska – voice, rebec, sopilka, cello, percussion instruments;
Christina Bogdanova – voice, dulcimer, percussion instruments;
Jaonna Lacher – voice;


Матрëшка / Matrieshka (Russian song)
Маpічко Чичері / Marichko Chycheri (Ukrainian song)
Ярило / Jarilo (Russian song)
Клик весна / Klik vesna (Belorussian song)
Блoгослови Матe / Blagoslavi Mate (Russian song)
Чёрна галочка / Cherna galochka (Russian song)
Ой ти місяцю / Oj ty misjatsu (Ukrainian song)
Rosa (song from Podlasie region)
Медуница / Medunitsa (Belorussian song)
Тому коса / Tomu kosa (Lemko song)
Листочку червений / Lystochku chervenyj (Lemko song)
А ты мыла / A ty myla (Lemko song)
Зозуля / Zozulja (Ukrainian song)
Конь / Kon (Russian song)
На Ивана / Na Ivana (Belorussian song)
Ой y лиси / Oj u lisi (Ukrainian song)