Na stanie

CD 2009
The first official album of Percival Schuttenbach.
New Wave of Polish Heavy Folk

“One of the brave kings has been erased from the ruling dynasty”*
* this sentence comes from “Tabula regnum Poloniae”, the end of XIV century

Reakcja pogańska (Pagan Reaction) is a historical name of the return of pagan religion back in 1034-10371037. Legend has it that after Mieszko II Lambert died, Bolesław Mieszkowic, also known as Zapomniany (Forgotten), ascends the throne, to reign over a young Polish country, which was in chaos, plagued by hostile raids. Bolesław restores previously rejected Slavic faith, but he is murdered shortly afterward. The uprising in the ’40s of the XIth – Pagan Reaction – century was eventually suppressed by his younger brother Kazimierz Odnowiciel with the help of German knights.

The Pagan Reaction events story was an inspiration for creating this album.

Katarzyna Bromirska – cello, voice, sopilka, Kaos Pad II;
Mikołaj Rybacki – guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandoline, horn, ligawa, voice, rattles;
Joanna Lacher – voice;
Piotr Banaszkiewicz – percussion instruments;
As a guest: Mariusz „Muzykomaniek” Tryniszewski – bass guitar (Jadą Konie).

Recorded at RedBaaron Studio in May-July 2009.
Musical production – Mikołaj Rybacki.
Mix and Mastering – Bartłomiej Góra
Cover project: Kornelia Rybacka.
„Wieliczka” drawing – Piotr Banaszkiewicz
Photos: Zuzanna Rybacka, Mikołaj Rybacki, Marcin Somerlik.


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Jadą Konie
Reakcja Pogańska
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