Vinyl Record Wild Hunt Live Pyrkon 2018 – Record Store Day edition


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The last pieces of the special release of vinyl record WHL Record Store Day. Available only in our store!


The album consists of selected songs recorded during the Wild Hunt Live concert at ‘Pyrkon Festiwal Fantastyki 2018’.
These songs were used in the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game soundtrack.
Special remastered edition with alternative art for RSD2020, individually numbered and signed by the band.

1. Sargon (Silver For Monsters)
2. Lazare (Steel For Humans)
3. Cloak And Dagger
4. Saga (Ladies Of The Woods)
5. Dead Man’s Party
6. Dziewczyna Swarożyca (You’re… Immortal?)

1. Oj Dido (Eyes Of The Wolf)
2. Oczy Wiedźmina
3. Eiforr (Merchants Of Novigrad)
4. Story You Won’t Believe
5. Dobro i zło
6. Tridam (Hunt Or Be Hunted)


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