Oj Dido – digital version


Na stanie

CD 2008
The second album of folk-medieval Percival project,
inspired by the Early Medieval Era.
A few of the songs from the album were included
into “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game sountrack.
The album in the form of mp3 and FLAC files to download.
Contains also PDF file with songs lyrics.

Percival Schuttenbach grants the User with a personal, non-commercial, limited license to use the Licensed Material only for private purposes.
This license does not apply to rights related to the Licensed Material.

Słyszę – intro
Tam pod borem (pieśń huculska)
Chumak (pieśń białoruska)
Dziewczyna Swarożyca
Virum denze
Miesiac (pieśń z Polesia)
Ievan (pieśń z Podlasia)
Pasla (pieśń ukraińska)
Oj dido

The album contains 15 songs, which refer to various aspects of people’s lives 1000 years ago.
There’s joy and sadness, feasting and fight, everyday work and mystical contact with gods.
You can hear sounds of northern seas and long viking boats,
south-eastern steppes and hooves of nomads’ horses, Slavic wilderness and warm fire at the hut,
iron weapons clattering and screams of warriors dying during the fight in defence of their land.

Recorded in 2008r. at RedBaaron Studio
Recording, mixing and mastering – Mikołaj Rybacki
Cover project – Kornelia Rybacka
Photos – Krystian Kaniowski, Piotr Grzelak, Mikołaj Rybacki
Graphic design and printing composition of digital version – Katarzyna Kulig

Katarzyna Bromirska – Byzantine lyre, cello, sopilka, voice;
Mikołaj Rybacki – saz, electric guitar, rattles, voice;
Joanna Lacher – voice, davul, bodhran;