DZIKIE POLA resin skull – translucent


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A skull model from Dzikie Pola album cover.
A great home decoration for every fan of Percival Schuttenbach band!

Made of translucent resin, printed on 3D printer. The model is manufactured in our own studio.
It is no mass-market product!
Can be painted; it can also function as a decorative lamp;
(the set contains a free LED lamp).


  • Size: about 10cm (skull only, without hair);
  • Skull’s elements (for safety reason during the transportation) are separated
    from each other (skull, hair, mustache); in order to keep them together,
    it is best to glue them using Super Glue or similar typu of glue;
  • It is also best to glue the LED lamp to the skull;
  • Individual models can be slightly different in shade;
  • Not suitable for children!


Concept art: Mikołaj Rybacki
3D model: Katarzyna Bromirska

Preparing to print: Marcin Somerlik