NKT (Don't you shoot that!)

Hi! We are Percival and we have the channel called “Don’t you shoot that!”. It’s dedicated to our band and our band’s music.
Do you want to know how the music to the most popular Polish game was created?
Do you want to know how work in a recording studio looks like? How the band’s life looks like?
Do you like music and would like to watch regularly new video clips and watch making offs?


Check out “Don’t you shoot that!” episodes – one of the first musical vlogs!


Hello, it’s us – the ones who co-created “The Witcher” soundtrack, “R√≥wnonoc” songs, the ones who created “Slava” albums series, the ones who refer to old Slavic beliefs. The first Polish folk-metal band and the first Polish group which reenact the Early Medieval Era. The ones who made their own instruments and play a lot of them – plugged and un-plugged. We decided to talk about all this in our own vlog. The vlog is inspired by many things, like Monty Python films or documentaries about music and musicians. It’s “Don’t you shoot that!”.


We want to give you a lot of music, and talk about how we create it. We want to have fun, to make you laugh and laugh with you – mostly by making fun of ourselves. But sometimes we also want to give you some information about our Slavic culture, traditions, rituals and history.