As Percival’s musicians we cooperated on a very large number various projects, creating music since the 90’s. We have great experience and play many instruments as well as sing. We are musically and artistically educated. We are no stranger to musical production and recording. We have got our own recording and producer studio.
So far we cooperated on/ created / co-created such musical productions as:


  • “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game soundtrack –  in the game many of our compositions were used – the older ones as well as those which were composed by us especially for the game;
  • “Równonoc” – a mix of Slavic sounds and hip-hop; we’re composers of many instrumental and vocal melodies that can be heard on this album which became a Diamond Record;
  • „Tutmesz Tekal” – it was a spectacle with our music based on a story created by us;
  • “Końcówka” – a spectacle played in Lubin; we were responsible for making music, video and animations for the show;
  • “Jomsvikinga saga” and “Borek and gods of the Slavs” – we created music for both the audiobooks;
  • “Slavonic Myth of Creation” – it is a spectacle which shows the world creation by mythology of ancient Slavs; we composed music for the spectacle; the music was recorded and released as a CD entitled “Slavonic Myth of Creation”;


And also: we prepared musical background for museums; we recorded music for the “Lechcoaster” animation; we co-created music for the spectacle “Angel Games” in Skawina; our music was used in many documentaries related to history – not only Polish, but also from abroad; we cooperated with many Polish and foreign artists – like Belorussian choir Kniażych and many, many more….