We act in various fields and we join all of them together within three projects: Percival, Percival Schuttenbach and Percival Wild Hunt Live. Within these three projects we do things like:

  • singing and instrumental workshops, musical promotions of bands workshops;
  • music composition for spectacles, movies, audiobooks and for captive use;
  • building instruments, experimental archaeology and broadly defined education in Slavic culture and tradition;
  • creating video clips, movies and running a vlog with several various formats on YouTube;
  • studio work, recording music as session musicians and multi-instrumentalists, preparing samples and loops for other artists;
  • creating sound background for movies, museums and historical events;
  • drawing, painting, graphical design, photography, photographics for captive use and for others;


Currently we’re working on:

  • “Don’t you shoot that!” vlog;
  • the Percival Schuttenbach’s album “Dzikie pola”;
  • musical-theatrical spectacle Wild Hunt Live III;