Recording Label

Since the beginning, Percival released their albums under their own label RedBaaron Rec (including their own recording studio RedBaaron Studio), but they also cooperate with other companies – in the field of albums distribution (Fonografika, Sound Age from Russia) and releasing records CK Muza (Reakcja pogańska), Urban Records (Równonoc and Slava), CD Projekt (soundtrack from the”Witcher III” game), Sony Entertainment (Strzyga), Tryglav publishing house (“Borek and the gods of Slavs” audiobook).


At present, RedBaaron has started cooperation in the field of albums distribution with another buisness partner: Thanks to that most of Percival’s albums will be available in digital form on various platforms.


Most of the albums of Percival and Percival Schuttenbach are available in the online shop: