Percival Schuttenbach

Percival Schuttenbach, founded in 1999 in Poland, play folk-metal music – a mix of Slavic culture and strong, heavy sounds. The main members of the band are charismatic two leaders: the cellist and singer Katarzyna Bromirska and the guitarist Mikołaj Rybacki, who – together with the rest of the band – create amazing, energetic shows. Percival is known mostly as a co-composers of the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” soundtrack, which was awarded multiple times and is considered one of the best game soundtracks ever made. The group gave their shows all over the Europe, had many their own tours in Poland and abroad and also supported such stars as Marylin Manson, Paradise Lost or Arkona and Korpiklaani.

Wild Hunt Live

March 2021