Percival Project

This project was founded as a result of fascination with history and culture of ancient Slavs. Percival is known as the co-author of the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” game soundtrack – awarded, world-wide famous music. The band is also the co-composer of “Równonoc” album, which was the mix of Slavic sounds with hip-hop and which became a Diamond Record. Percival released five official albums, including “Slava” albums triptych, but their music can be found on various records, like audiobooks: “Vikingaasaga” and “Borek and the god of Slavs”. The band gave shows all accross the Europe, but not only – they also visited such distant places like Canada. Percival’s music can be heard in many documentaries related to history and old times of Slavs and Vikings. The band is known worldwide as promotours and lovers of Slavic culture and history.

Wild Hunt Live

March 2021