Percival Schuttenbach | Svantevit


Released: 2013


In 1168  Danish king Waldemar invaded and burnt the last Slavic temple. Together with Arkona falling – the Svantevit cult center – Polabian tribe existence came to an end. They were forgotten for a few hundred years. Percival Schuttenbach, after 845 years, reminded of this Slavic tribe whose settlements were the first victims of Christianisation brought by West European rulers.
“Svantevit” is a concept album and mixes together – in very interesting way – folk and metal music. A lot of guests can be heard on the album – like for example Masha “Scream” Archipova from Arkona and other musicians connected, more or less, with folk-metal music and reenactment.


Recorded in 2013 at RedBaaron Studio and on the stage of Theatre im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej in Legnica
Recording  – Bartłomiej Góra
Mastering – Bartosz Miszczyk
Production – Percival Schuttenbach
Graphical design  – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos –  Marcin Somerlik, Kornelia Rybacka, Krystian Lewicki



  1. Okrutna pomsta
  2. Satanael
  3. Svantevit
  4. Wodnik
  5. Bitwa
  6. Upiory
  7. Wiking
  8. Tryzna