Percival Schuttenbach | Strzyga


Released: 2016


Released by Sony Music Polska. It contains group’s older songs in refreshed versions, as well as new songs prepared especially for the album. It’s a non-concept album, although all songs are connected together by the character of Strziga. The album is a mix of diversity: folk culture references, “Witcher 3” and fantasy references, horror and Slavic mythology references. It’s well recorded and well produced, that’s why listening to it is a pleasure.


Recorded at Custom34 in April 2016.
Mix, mastering and production – Jacek Miłaszewski
Photos – Marcin Somerlik



  1. Marysia
  2. Rodzanice
  3. Pocałunek
  4. Alhambra
  5. Lazare (Bulgarian song)
  6. Buba
  7. Gdy Rozum Śpi
  8. Aziareczka (Belorussian song)
  9. Pani pana (Polish song)
  10. Miesiac (from Polesie region)
  11. Sargon
  12. Sokol mi leta vysoko (Macedonian song)
  13. Rosa (from Podlasie region)
  14. Bonus track: Wóda zryje banię