Percival | Slava III – Songs of West Slavs

Slava III – Songs of West Slavs

Released: 2018


Slava III is the last album of “Slava” series. It contains songs of nations belonging to West Slavs, which are: Poles, Czech, Slovaks (and some sub-groups like: Silesians and Kashubians), Sorbian songs and one song relating to Polabians tribe which is now extinct. While recording this album, the band used all their experience gained during creating and recording previous “Slava” albums. That’s why “Slava III” record is so dense, coherent and sounds so beautiful. Although songs on “Slava III” are only a tiny excerpt of the whole richness of music of West Slavs, they can be seen as its beautiful calling card, which may be proudly presented to the whole world.


Recorded at unIQ Sound Studio in January 2018.
Recording, mix and mastering – Marek Dziedzic
Production – Percival
Cover project – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos –  Marcin Somerlik



  1. Skowroneczek śpiwa (Kujawy)
  2. O, mój wianku lawendowy (Kujawy)
  3. A któż moji kosy rosy (Zamojszczyzna)
  4. Husičky (Morawy)
  5. Mařeno krasna (Lyric: traditional (Śląsk/Czechy/Słowacja) Music: Katarzyna Bromirska, Mikołaj Rybacki)
  6. Pada deżdżyk (Suwalszczyzna)
  7. Oj lulaj (Lullaby from Lubelskie region)
  8. Potocyła (Polish wedding song)
  9. Chmielu (Polish wedding song)
  10. Stworzona je koza (Lubelszczyzna)
  11. Pada dižď (Central Slovakia)
  12. Koulelo (Czech)
  13. Wichman (Lyric: Mikołaj Rybacki, Muzyka: Mikołaj Rybacki, Katarzyna Bromirska)
  14. Serbow dobyča (Sorbian war song)
  15. Wele wetka (Kaszuby)
  16. Ej jaki ši Maričko (Slovakia)
  17. Morena (Slovakia)
  18. Marzanecka (Lyric: traditional (Śląsk Opolski), Music: Katarzyna Bromirska, Mikołaj Rybacki)