Percival Schuttenbach | Reakcja Pogańska

Reakcja Pogańska

Released: 2009 

The first official album of the band that can be counted into fully folk-metal albums. It contains folk melodies in metal arrangaments and own band’s compositions. Together with electric and folk sounds, the band used also electronic samples to spice up the album. This album has set out the musical course of Percival Schuttenbach for many years.

Recorded at RedBaaron Studio in May-July 2009.
Production  – Mikołaj Rybacki.
Mix and mastering – Bartłomiej Góra
Cover project: Kornelia Rybacka.
Photos: Zuzanna Rybacka, Mikołaj Rybacki, Marcin Somerlik


  1. Gdy rozum śpi
  2. Rosa (from Podlasie region)
  3. Pani Pana (Polish song)
  4. Pocałunek
  5. Aziarechka (Belorussian song)
  6. Jadą konie (Polish song)
  7. Lazare (Bulgarian song)
  8. Reakcja pogańska
  9. Oj Dido
  10. Satanismus (Braniewo song)
  11. Pasla (Ukrainian song)