Percival | Oj Dido

Oj Dido

Released: 2008


It’s the second Percival’s album. It relates to old times of Viking and Slavs. The album contains both folk melodies (very often ritual songs), as well as group’s compositions made to lyrics of Polish authors inspired by ancient Slavic culture. Music on the “Oj dido” album, just like the “Eiforr” album, became a part of the “Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” soundtrack.


Recorded in 2008 at  RedBaaron Studio.
Recording and Mastering – Mikołaj Rybacki.
Cover project – Kornelia Rybacka/3angleStudio.



  1. Słyszę – intro
  2. Tam pod borem (Hutsul song)
  3. Chumak (Belorussian song)
  4. Postrzyżyny
  5. Dziewczyna Swarożyca
  6. Virum denze
  7. Sargon
  8. Miesiac (from Polesie region)
  9. Ievan (from Podlasie region)
  10. Goście
  11. Jomsborg
  12. Sokół
  13. Pasla (Ukrainian song)
  14. Słyszę
  15. Oj dido