Percival Schuttenbach | Mniejsze zło

Mniejsze zło

Released: 2015


The album relates to music that Mikołaj and Katarzyna created in 2006 to Andrzej Sapkowski’s short story entitled “The Lesser Evil”. The material has never come out, so the band decided to fresh it up, polish it up and record. It became the base of the “Mniejsze zło” album. The title “Lesser Evil” is an element that runs through every song story. The lyrics tell about choices – hard and even harder, that have to be made by people in legends, ancient stories and fairy tales as well as in everyday life. “Mniejsze zło” is a mixture of folk vibrancy with aggresion of metal music, energy of traditional music and thrash energy of heavy sounds cascades.


Recorded at unIQ Studio in 2014/2015.
Recording, mix and mastering – Marek Dziedzic
Production – Percival Schuttenbach
Graphical design  – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos –  Marcin Somerlik



  1. Oberek
  2. Oj tam na mori (Ukrainian song)
  3. Żmij i dziewczyna
  4. Dzierzba
  5. I nie wrócił…
  6. Miodunka (Belorussian song)
  7. Martwe zło
  8. Zmora
  9. Tridam
  10. Nilfgaard
  11. Cantara (Dead Can Dance cover)