Percival | Eiforr


Released: 2007


The first official Percival’s album. It contains folk songs, as well as band’s own compositions that relate to Early Medieval times of Slavs and Vikings. The fragments of the album were used in the “Witcher 3” game soundtrack, like for example the title song “Eiforr”, known around the world as “Merchants of Novigrad” or “Saga” known as “Ladies of the Woods”.


Recorded in 2007 at  RedBaaron Studio.
Recording and mastering – Mikołaj Rybacki.
Cover project – Kornelia Rybacka/3angleStudio.
Photos – Zuzanna Rybacka.



  1. Saga
  2. The feast
  3. Au majho (Belorussian song)
  4. Medieval song
  5. Jare
  6. Caldemeyn
  7. The moonrise
  8. Mikligardr
  9. Drioma (from Podlasie region)
  10. East dance
  11. Allan’s song
  12. Lazare (Bulgarian song)
  13. Oj dziwczyno (Polish song)
  14. Staroża (Belorussian song)
  15. Celtic dance
  16. Eiforr