Percival Schuttenbach | Dzikie Pola

Dzikie Pola

Released: 2018


Another band’s concept-album, where all songs tell a one story. The story takes place near the Wild Fields in XVI/XVII century and contains elements of fantasy and horror, but also refers to history and Slavic spirit. Musically, it’s a very mature album which mix elements of classical music and folk music, based on more or less heavy sounds. Musicians presents their instrumental and vocal skills in music that contains many interesting sounds and turnarounds.


Recorded at unIQ Studio in March – July 2018.
Recording, mix and mastering – Marek Dziedzic
Production – Percival Schuttenbach
Cover project – Zuzanna Chańska
Photos –  Marcin Somerlik
Publisher – RedBaron | APOSTROPHE Creative Communities



Part I:

  1. Wieczerza (The Supper)
  2. Taniec trupów (Dance Macabre)
  3. Rytuał (Ritual)

Part II:

  1. Swadźba (The Wedding)
  2. Chortyca (Khortytsia)
  3. Wasylisa (Vasylisa)

Part III:

  1. Pieśń Marii (Maria’s song)
  2. Kaźń (The torment)
  3. Trzej wędrowcy (The three vagrants)


  1. Atak maszyn (The Machines’ strike)